Easter Eggs for the Luxe Adult


Easter evokes many joyous themes: springtime, rebirth, chocolates filled with creamy sugary paste that molecularly may or may not occur on its own in nature, and of course… Easter egg hunts! Those spectacular orbs dipped in glitter or tie-dye hidden so perfectly around grandma’s backyard that your four-year-old self miraculously found every one (save the lone wolf that shows up in August), this is what what childhood memories are made of.

One would now hope your design style has matured, but you are still nostalgic. So how do you host a savvy Easter brunch without any kids to justify food color-dyed eggs?

Just because your Easter celebration isn’t hosting any children this year doesn’t mean the Easter Bunny can’t pay you a visit. Here are four “grown-up” themes for decorating Easter eggs that will indulge your crafty side while impress your guests with your sophisticated style.


Snow boots are packed. Sunglasses are pre-ordered. Tuplips are planted… It’s official. Spring has sprung (at least somehwere). What better inspiration for your grown-up Easter eggs than Spring itself. Take the entomologist route with some decoupage insects and butterflies or go au naturel with brown eggs, herbs, and flower buds.

Easter Eggs All Grown Up - Nature-Inspired
Photo credits/how-to’s (clockwise from top right): Vintage Tea Roses, TolerablyRockyFarm on Etsy, A Daily Something, Hostess with the Mostess, Martha Stewart

Black & White

Casablanca. Tuxedos. Cruella de Vil. All have great style and all love their black and white. Sharpies and newspaper offer quick and modern decoration options, but if you have a little more time, you can pay homage to the past with a silhouette or floral cameo design. Another route is to go hyper-interactive by covering the eggs in chalkboard paint and providing pieces of chalk to your guests to decorate their own eggs.

Easter Eggs All Grown Up - Black and White

Photo credits/how-to’s (clockwise from top right): Only but a Glimpse, Annaleenas HEM, Haikey’s Love of Living, Shelterness, Obviously Sweet, Rook No. 17, Demelza Rafferty via Pinterest


“Daddy, I want a golden egg.” Veruca, honey, we feel you (have you seen our nails???). You don’t need a golden goose to let your Easter eggs get fancy, you just need some gold leaf! We love these geometric and hand-crafted metallic designs–we recommend yellow or rose gold, or both–or dress up any classic pastel with some gold flecks.

Easter Eggs All Grown Up - Metallic
Photo credits/how-to’s: Top row, Miss Renaissance, middle row, Sugar and Charm, bottom row, Colorwhirl

Just for Fun

These eggs all stand out for their ingenuity, and you can build a party off of their designs. Take a note from one of the Pop Art masters seen here or switch genres with your own Mondrian- or Monet-inspired eggs. Use temporary tattoos to draw on the crisp mustaches of these hipster eggs, or for a pun on dying Easter eggs altogether, label each egg by its corresponding Pantone color code.

Easter Eggs All Grown Up - Just for Fun
Photo credits/how-to’s (clockwise from top photo): Craft Paper Scissors, Lilluna, One Good Thing, How About OrangeNo. 2 Pencil