Pop-Up Dinner – Chef Jason Heiselman Says #goodbyewinter

POP-UP DINNER - Chef Jason Heiselman Says #goodbyewinter


Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the first pop-up dinner by the awesomely talented chef, and great friend, Jason Heiselman. At no surprise to anyone, the food was fantastic. Tapping into every New Yorker’s frustration with this extended winter, Chef Jason took us on a journey that bid goodbye to winter with a spring-inspired menu. These dinners are the perfect experience for an out-of-the-box date night, entertaining guests in from out of town, or gathering a small group of friends together. Big CONGRATS to Jason — GKE is super excited to partner with him on some of these dinners in the future!

Chef Jason Heiselman #goodbyewinter

Check out the entire menu below, but here were my highlights:

Perfect Presentation: Blueberry Ginger Jello The chef paid great attention to presentation with each course–particularly with the use of color–but the last course takes first place in this category. Dessert in a mason jar was simply delightful. Served with the lid closed, it felt like we were at a picnic unwrapping a little gift of springtime while the combination of sophisticated flavors and textures elevated the overall experience of the dish. Runner-Up: Shaved Fennel Salad

Chef Jason Heiselman #goodbyewinter


Clever Composition: Everything Crusted Scottish Salmon Less of a nod to springtime but rather a reference to New York City heritage, the Everything Crusted Scottish Salmon definitely stood out. A play on the everything bagel with the works–lox, cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, capers–this dish took us from the local bakery with the traditional “everything” seasonings to the fine dining experience with the beautiful cut of salmon and playful wontons. Runner-Up: Charred Cauliflower

Chef Jason Heiselman #goodbyewinter


Unexpected Element: Puffed Quinoa These little balls of goodness gave such a crunch they made the Shaved Fennel Salad course a stand-out. Everyone at our table smiled at they way the puffs crunched, providing the perfect balance to the soft clementines and thinly sliced fennel. Runner-Ups: Olive Oil Dust (with the Crudo of Diver Scallops) and Smoked Feta Cheese (with the Lamb Meatballs)

Chef Jason Heiselman #goodbyewinter


Stand-Out Course: Long Island Duck Breast This course had it all. Each piece of duck, cooked perfectly medium-rare, had that little strip of crunchy skin that melts the moment it’s broken into. The sunflower seed risotto offered a clever and lighter take on the rice dish while harping to a springtime snack. The dish then rounded out nicely with the blackberry gastrique giving a sweet acidity to cut through the meat and starch. Runner-Up: Roasted Lamb Meatballs

Chef Jason Heiselman #goodbyewinter

Okay… have to sneak a photo of the Lamb Meatballs in here too.

Chef Jason Heiselman #goodbyewinter

The Full Menu

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